Butterfly Hinge

The butterfly hinge is a versatile device, which is especially suitable for diversified parts need to swing, like cabinet door, furniture door, etc. For the product takes an important part in the hardware, the high quality hinge makes the furniture more flexible fro using. Made with different materials, our product is supplied in varied types, such as the stainless steel type, carbon steel type, aluminum alloy type, PA type, etc.

On the surface, our butterfly hinge is processed with wiredrawing, mirror polishing, plastic spraying, white zinc plating and other treatment so as to get a decorative appearance. Some of our products are composed of the hinge leaf and the shaft. Yet some of the types consist of hinge leaf and pin. No matter which type of product will match the door, window or cabinet door.

We are a professional manufacturer of hardware like hinge and we have our own specialized designing group for developing the new product. With the workshop and equipment for producing aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other materials, we give strict management and control in the whole production process to ensure the excellent quality, like product designing, mould making, die casting, surface treatment, assembling, etc.

As a professional butterfly hinge manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a variety of products, including resistance hinge, handle lock, toggle latch hasp, electronic lock, and more.

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