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MS720 swing handle cabinet lock is configured with the ZDC housing, insert, ZDC button or PA button, white zinc plating steel cam, etc. This product is easy for installation and allows fast opening. It also supports the variation of the handle. Moreover, this product chooses the S1D56Y00002 default cam. 2.

Technical Specifications
Specification Model ERP
Gray nanometer painted housing Sand spraying chrome plated housing
ZDC button, with insert MS720-1 MS720Z2B000001 MS720Z3H000014
ZDC button, without insert MS720-2 MS720Z2B000015 MS720Z3H000025
Plastic button, with insert MS720-1H MS720Z2B000002 MS720Z3H000002
Plastic button, without insert MS720-2H MS720Z2B000007 MS720Z3H000004

Note: 180 degree cam rotation can realize LH or RH (only for cam without bend).

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