Testing Center Introduction

Our testing center was established in December 2006. It is divided into three sections including the weather resisting test, mechanical property test, physically and chemically analytical test. According to the requirement of JB/T10382-2002 about the general qualification for mechanical locks of electrical equipment and the quality standard for our product, a full set of testing equipment is designed and set up. With the working aim of science, fair and accuracy, we ensure our product with high quality, and long service life.

1.Weather resisting test
Salt spray, ultraviolet light resisting test, dustproof test temperature and moisture/heat alternating test
2.Mechanical property test with equipment
The tensile test and the impact test are respectively used for examining the tensile strength and the impact strength of the product and material. The image measuring instrument is suitable for drawing product precisely and for analyzing the materials' whole image. The mechanical testing equipment also includes the intelligent electrochemical thickness gauge, hardness gauge, instrument for testing spring's pulling and pressing force, torsion stress testing instrument, vibration testing instrument, instrument for fatigue test, etc.
3. Physically and chemically analytical test
The atomic absorption spectrophotometer is used for analyzing components of materials and for measuring content of hazardous metal according to EU Rolls application. The ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer is used to measure the content of chrome with a valence of Si.