Testing Center Equipment

Salt spray tester
Application: This salt spray tester measures the corrosion resistance of the protecting coating on the surface of the product.

Image measurement instrument
Application: The image measurement instrument is used to measure high precision, irregularly shaped product and draw the outline, like angle, radian, radius, hologram for generating CAD and so on

Impact testing machine
Application: This impact testing machine will test the impact resistance of different materials.

Torsion spring testing machine
Application: The torsion spring testing machine is able to test the torsion by turning spring and the test data can be printed. Analysis torsion fades quickly and correctly through testing at set time.

Universal electronic spring pull and press tester
1. The universal electronic spring pull and press tester is used for measuring the physical properties of different materials, such as the tensile strength, the yield stress, the point of elastic deformation, etc.
2. It also can test the bearing capacity of the cam, the magnitude of tensile resistance and the stress of the whole cabinet lock, as well as the bearable load of the product according to the testing graph.
3. This tester can measure the magnitude of the widthways and lengthways bearing capacity for the hinge.

Vickers hardness tester
Application: The Vickers hardness tester can measure the hardness of product after the heat treatment or of some large products with great hardness. All the products tested by electric hardness tester can also be tested by Vickers micro hardness tester. The electric hardness tester measures faster, yet the Vickers micro hardness tester measures slowly and complexly.

Ultraviolet light and climate resistance adjustable testing box
Application: This ultraviolet light and climate resistance adjustable testing box is used to test the influence to the surface color of product and mechanical property under harsh ultraviolet radiation or at temperature 50ºC to 70ºC.

Dust test chamber
Application: The dust test chamber is used to test the influence to the mechanical property of the product in harsh sand and dust environment, confirm whether the sand or dust will get into the inside of cabinets through cabinet lock and survey the IP degree of cabinet lock.

High-low temperature humidity test chamber
Application: The high-low temperature humidity test chamber can detect the influence to the mechanical and physical property of the product in the environment of different temperature and humidity.

Electric cabinet lock fatigue tester
Application: The electric cabinet lock fatigue tester is used to measure the use times of the product and the magnitude of the force by opening or closing it.

Digital spring torsion tester
Application: This digital spring torsion tester can test the elastic force by turning spring and test data can be printed. It shows correct variation factor of the elastic force.

Lock insert fatigue tester
Application: The lock insert fatigue tester is able to inspect the useful number of times by sticking the key into the lock, by pulling the key out and by turning the key. The torsion by turning the key and the magnitude of plug power can be displayed.

High speed carbon-sulfur analyzer
Application: The high speed carbon-sulfur analyzer is used to test the percentage of carbon and sulfur in different materials

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Application: This atomic absorption spectrophotometer is capable of measuring the percentage of Ni, Pb, Cu, Zn, Fe, Al, Hg, Mn, Li, Mo and other elements in different materials.

Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer
Application: This ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer can identify the materials, inspect the purity and research the organic molecule.