Nanometer Spray Painting
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Nanotechnology is the development of science and technology in the area of physics. Nanometer spray painting is the nanotechnology used in manufacture field. It generates compact nanometer painting on the surface of product including exceptional hardness and high corrosion resistance materials. As a kind of surface treatment, this technology provides varied colors and luster in different extent. It is environment friendly, lower cost and durable. The paint is not eroded so as to protect the inside metal and the material will be eroded if the surface coating is destroyed. With the excellent physical capability, this technology could replace electroplating treatment in some extent.

Technical Parameters
1 Highest temperature 150ºC-180ºC
2 Lowest temperature -40ºC
3 Hardness GB/T6739-96 CHUNG HWA pencil 5-6H
4 Impact GB/T1732-93 no rift, no fall-off (
5 Resistance to Boil Water Keep normal under 100ºC water for 1 hour
6 Resistance to Acid Keep normal under 5% HCI for 200 hours
7 Resistance to Alkali Keep normal under 5% NaOH for 200 hours
8 Salt corrosive resistance GB/T1025-1997 under 5% NaCI 500 hours in PH=7
9 RoHS compliance Accordance with RoHS application
10 Color resistance Keep the normal color under drying in 180ºC for 1 hour
11 Weather resistance GB/T4522-93 E<2(ASTMG-53)QUV200 hours
12 Bend GB11185-89 3MM Keep normal
13 Thickness GB1764-79 40-60um