Bolt Hinge

The bolt is composed of the movable rod and the bolt hole. Yet the bolt hinge is named for the similar shape with the bolt. This product is used for connecting two solid objectives. For example, it can be installed on the cabinet to connect the cabinet door to the cabinet through rotation. Nowadays, we have two types of products for sale, the CL225 type and the CL106 type. Our product is designed as a left hand and a right hand configuration.

The CL225 bolt hinge is made with four kinds of specifications, like CL225-1, CL225-1A, CL225-2 and CL225-3. This product comprises of the carbon steel rotating shaft, positioning shaft, hinge plate, stainless steel spring, cylinder pin and other parts. It is coated with white zinc on the surface. Yet the CL106 type is made of zinc alloy and processed with sand spraying and nickel plating. The product consists of stainless steel rotating shaft and spring.

All the bolt hinges come out of our own designing group and are manufactured according to the international standard of quality and inspection. The product is inspected in every procedure of production to ensure the quality, like mould making, die casting, surface treatment, assembling, etc. With long service life, our product needs no maintenance and it is widely used in varied industries.

As an experienced bolt hinge manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide concealed hinge, swing handle cabinet lock, electronic lock, cabinet handle, toggle latch hasp, and more.

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