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This CL225-1, CL225-1A, CL225-2 or CL225-3 bolt hinge is equipped with the steel hinge leaf that is coated with white zinc.

Remarks: Accessory (optional). This accessory is used as an alternative to the hinge with pin, usually fitted at the bottom of the door as load-bearing fixing door.

Technical Specifications of CL225-1/CL225-1A/CL225-2
Model Left Hand Right Hand
Model ERP Model ERP
CL225-1 CL225-1-Z CL225F3D001 CL225-1-Y CL225F3D004
CL225-1A CL225-1A-Z CL225F3D008 CL225-1A-Y CL225F3D007
CL225-2 CL225-2-Z CL225F3D011 CL225-2-Y CL225F3D012
Technical Specifications of CL225-3
Specification Model ERP
Left Hand CL225-3-Z CL225F3D022
Right Hand CL225-3-Y CL225F3D019

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