Resistance Hinge

The resistance hinge makes use of the cushioning performance to generate the resistance. As the resistance of the door reached the critical index, it will not cause too much noise while the door is closed by people or the wind. This product can be installed on the wardrobe, bookshelf, TV bench, locker and other cabinet door of the furniture. This product helps to close the door automatically and slowly in some angle of opening and closing to reduce the impact.

Our resistance hinge is supplied with the CL220 type and the CL272 type now. This product needs no maintenance after long term use. The CL220 type is composed of the pin, damping spring, damping bushing, female part, male part and other accessories. This product is made of zinc alloy coated with matt chrome. The pin is made of carbon steel plated with nickel. The CL272 type consists of the black PA leaf, carbon steel bolt, PC shaft and other parts. The resistance can be changed by adjusting the bolt. Moreover, the maximum opening angle of the product is 160°.

These two types of resistance hinges perform with ideal cushioning effect, as well as soft and quiet effect while closing the cabinet door. This product not only reduces the impact on the cabinet and the product itself, but also it prolongs their service life. In addition, our product is widely accepted at home or in the office.

SJ is a specialized resistance hinge manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including exposed axle hinge, toggle latch hasp, swing handle cabinet lock, electronic lock, and more.

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