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The CL283 exposed axle hinge is diversified in types, such as the CL283-1 type, CL283-2 type and CL283-4 type. Our product is equipped with the stainless steel parts, like the hinge leaf, pin, etc.

Technical Specifications of CL283-1 and CL283-2
ERP Model A B C Application
CL283S00001 CL283-1 27.5 16.5 11 Opening angle 120°
CL283S00002 CL283-2 33.5 21 14.5
Technical Specifications of CL283-4
Model ERP Application
CL283-4 CL283S00003 Opening angle 140°

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Stainless Steel Power Cabinet Hardware | Different Opening Angle Cabinet Door Parts | Exposed Axle Fastener for Power Distribution Cabinet

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