Concealed Hinge

The hinge is the machinery device to connect two solid objects with the allowance of rotation between them. Among the hardware products, this product takes an important role and its quality has the direct effect on the usage of furniture, door, etc. Dedicated to developing the hinge, we have owned several types of products including the concealed type, the exposed axle type, butterfly type, etc.

Our concealed hinge is available in variable styles and it is not easy to be seen while installing on the cabinet door or window without affecting the integrated beauty of the furniture. The product in some types is made of sandblasted aluminum alloy and its pin is made of stainless steel. Some types are made of stainless steel, the pin included. Even some products are made of carbon steel coated with white zinc.

According to the different opening angles of the furniture, door or window, our concealed hinge can be made with different opening angles, like 90°, 110°, 120°, etc. To strict international standard of product, this product is controlled in every procedure to ensure its quality.

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