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The MS875-1 or MS875-2 rod control lock makes use of the black PA panel, steel cam and rod, as well as bright chrome plated ZDC insert. The product can be opened or closed through the quarter turning of the insert with the aid of rod latch system. In addition, it chooses the K15 as the default key.

Technical Specifications
Specification Rod latch system Cam latch system Optional key
Model ERP Model ERP
Double bit MS875-1-1 MS875N00T02014 MS875-2-1 MS875N00T02013 K15-1A,K15-1F
Triangular 8mm MS875-1-2 MS875N00T04001 MS875-2-2 MS875N00T04003 K15-3,K15-3F
Square 7mm MS875-1-3 MS875N00T06001 MS875-2-3 MS875N00T06003 K15-6,K15-6F
Square 8mm MS875-1-4 MS875N00T07001 MS875-2-4 MS875N00T07003 K15-4,K15-4F

Optional Accessories
Cam latch system Mb9 series, rod latch system Mb4 series.

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