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The MS763 cylinder cabinet lock adopts the ZDC housing and insert, which are coated with black powder on the surface. With the white zinc plating steel cam, the product can be opened or closed through quarter turning. In addition, the K15 series of keys are supplied for selection.

Technical Specifications
Specification Black Painted Housing, Insert S.S Housing, Insert Optional Key
Model ERP Model ERP
Double bit 4mm MS763-1 MS763Z2AT02005 MS763-1B MS763S4BT02001 K15-01A K15-01F K15-01E
Double bit 3mm MS763-1A MS763Z2AT01003 MS763-1AB MS763S4BT01001 K15-01A K15-01F K15-01E
Hooked 4mm MS763-2 MS763Z2AT03001 MS763-2B MS763S4BT03001 K15-01A
Triangular 8mm MS763-3 MS763Z2AT04001 MS763-3B MS763S4BT04001 K15-03A K15-03F
Square 8mm MS763-4 MS763Z2AT07001 MS763-4B MS763S4BT07001 K15-04B K15-04F
Square 8mm with Slot MS763-4A MS763Z2AT08001 MS763-4AB MS763S4BT08001 K15-04B K15-04F
Square 6mm MS763-5 MS763Z2AT05001 MS763-5B MS763S4BT05002 K15-05B K15-05F K15-05A
Square 7mm MS763-6 MS763Z2AT06001 MS763-6B MS763S4BT06001 K15-06A K15-06F
10mm Hexagon Slot MS763-7 MS763Z2AT09003 MS763-7B MS763S4BT09001 K15-07A/K15-07F
Slot MS763-8 MS763Z2AT10005 MS763-8B MS763S4BT10001
11mm Hexagon Male MS763-9 MS763Z2AT11001 MS763-9B MS763S4BT11001 K15-09A/K15-09F
Thorn MS763-10 MS763Z2AT12001 MS763-10B MS763S4BT12001 K15-10A
Flat Cylinder MS763-11 MS763Z2AT13001 MS763-11B MS763S4BT13001 K15-11A
Triangular 7mm MS763-12 MS763Z2AT14001 MS763-12B MS763S4BT14001 K15-03A/K15-03F
Triangular 9mm MS763-13 MS763Z2AT15001 MS763-13B MS763S4BT15001
Heptagon Male MS763-14 MS763Z2AT16001 MS763-14B MS763S4BT16001
Triangular 10mm MS763-15 MS763Z2AT17001 MS763-15B MS763S4BT17001
Concave with Slot MS763-16 MS763Z2AT18001 MS763-16B MS763S4BT18001
Remarks: ERP excludes cam (cutout square 8mm).

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