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The MS817 cylinder cabinet lock adopts the ZDC housing and insert, which are plated with black powder. Coated with white zinc, the steel default cam is S1K45N07016 for unadjustable type. Moreover, the adjustable type uses the S1M33Y00002 cam, whose tensile strength is 4. With the locking function, the product can be opened or closed by quarter turning.

Technical Specifications
Specification Non-adjustable Type Adjustable Type Optional Key
Model ERP Model ERP
8mm Triangle MS817-1 MS817Z2AT04001 MS817-1A MS817Z2AT04007 K15-03A
S Hook MS817-2 MS817Z2AT03001 MS817-2A MS817Z2AT03002 K15-01A
8mm Socket Hexagon MS817-3 MS817Z2AT24001 MS817-3A MS817Z2AT2400
10mm Hexagon MS817-4 MS817Z2AT25001 MS817-4A MS817Z2AT25002 K15-09A
8mm Square MS817-5 MS817Z2AT07001 MS817-5A MS817Z2BT07002 K15-04B
7mm Square MS817-6 MS817Z2AT06001 MS817-6A MS817Z2AT06003 K15-06A
9mm Square MS817-8 MS817Z2AT26001 MS817-8A MS817Z2AT26002
Slot MS817-9 MS817Z2AT10001 MS817-9A MS817Z2AT10002
7mm Triangle MS817-10 MS817Z2AT14001 MS817-10A MS817Z2AT14002 K15-03A/K15-03F
Abnormal MS817-12 MS817Z2AT21001 MS817-12A MS817Z2AT21002 K310
Remarks: ERP excludes cam.

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