Door Stop

The door stop is the part to ensure the torsion angle of the elastic part within the certain limit value so as to prevent the door from being opened with too large or too small space. Our product is provided in variant types and it is made of diversified materials, like stainless steel, iron or carbon steel. Moreover, the product adopts the stable and even zinc or bright chrome plating layer, which features excellent decorative effect and perfect protective property to repel the corrosion of air, water and prolong the service life of the door stop.

Made in strict accordance with the international standard, our product keeps precise dimension and smooth surface all the year around. In addition, our product can be customized in special demands of our customers.

As a specialized door stop manufacturer and supplier in China, SJ offers a broad range of products that includes handle lock, concealed hinge, rubber seal, and panel lock, among others.

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