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The MS319 handle lock is configured with the nanometer plated ZDC handle and housing, white zinc coating steel shaft and cam. Therein, the handle of the product allows 210 degree rotation and the cam can rotate within 90 degree. With the K280 default key, the adjustable and unajustable products are equipped with the S1M33Y00002 and S1B45Y00002 default cams respectively.

Technical Specifications
Specification Model ERP
Unadjustable Type with Insert MS319-1 MS319Z2B280001
Unadjustable Type without Insert MS319-2 MS319Z2B000001
Adjustable Type with Insert MS319-1A MS319Z2B280002
Adjustable Type without Insert MS319-2A MS319Z2B000002
Remarks: ERP excludes cam.

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