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Opened or closed in quarter turning, this MS859 handle lock makes use of the PA handle, black pocked powder coated ZDC housing, bright chrome plated ZDC insert and white zinc plated steel shaft. The K15 series of keys are optional and the S1B45Y00005 cam is the default configuration. Moreover, the thickness of the steel bolt is 4mm.

Technical Specifications
Specification Model ERP
Double Bit MS859-1-1 MS859Z1BT01001
Triangular 8mm MS859-1-2 MS859Z1BT04001
Square 8×8mm MS859-1-3 MS859Z1BT07001
Square 7×7mm MS859-1-4 MS859Z1BT06001
Square 6×6mm MS859-1-5 MS859Z1BT05001
Hexagon Female MS859-1-6 MS859Z1BT09002
Slot MS859-1-7 MS859Z1BT10001
Triangular 7mm MS859-1-8 MS859Z1BT14001

Remarks: ERP excludes cam (cut out square 8×8mm).

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High Security Door Handle | Waiting Room Handle Lock | Door Lever with Lock

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