In-sales services
After receiving the order for our product, the sales staff will make the assessment for the required quantity, delivery, material supply, package, customer expectation, etc. They will confirm the ability to meet the requirements of the contract or order and sign on the order of the customer after the confirmation. Then they will post it back to the customer and fill in the manufacturing notice. Under the condition of inability to deliver on schedule, the salesman will explain to the customer to obtain the consent of the customer. Other requirements are in accordance with the customer’s needs.

After-sales services
The warranty period of our product is one year. After receiving any oral or written complaints or suggestions for improvement of the product within its service life, we will conduct analysis and draw a conclusion within 48 hours. Then 8D report will be provided for customers and we will try to reach a unified opinion with customers.

Other services
Our product can be designed for customers according to their special requirements. It also can be customized based on the supplied information. In addition, OEM service is available.